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An Ubuntu Youth Council-led project that uses community youth mapping to engage and prepare young people by challenging them to go out and speak to other youth, community leaders, and business owners with the purpose of
documenting community-based resources, needs and opportunities. Through this process of speaking with community members, taking surveys, and inputting and reflecting on the data, youth become more engaged and aware of what is missing, what is lacking and what needs improvement.

Involving youth in these activities provides them with both immediate and long-term skills that allow them to become agents of change within society.

This project aimed at improving social, cultural, and economic opportunities will allow young people from various backgrounds to work together with mutual respect.

Led by Ethno-Cultural youth, this will help eliminate disparities and racial discrimination in systems where racialized groups do not fully benefit from, or contribute to the opportunities and prosperity of the community. It will create a spirit of awareness and inspire Central Alberta to recognize these disparities.

The results from this youth mapping will be used to assist program design and implementation to ensure that activities and services are responsive and reflect youth needs.

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