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The Young Voices Of Central Alberta

Youth Telling Their Stories

Capture a moment in unparalleled history.

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Ubuntu-Mobilizing Central Alberta will give up to 10 youth (15-25 years old) an honorarium and the technical support needed to capture their thoughts in a short video that will be posted on this website to share with the world.

More ethno-cultural young people need to see each other’s faces, hear each other’s voices. A freedom to be vulnerable and candidly share one’s thoughts. Rural communities are often left out of mass media which shapes conversations around the large numbers of metropolitan youth. Our rural Central Albertan voices become lost like faint stars in light pollution. The pandemic has worsened inequality and floods breaking news with urban problems, urban solutions. COVID-19 has shown that our needs are not equal. We need to make ourselves heard.

Please direct any questions to spokendiariesab@gmail.com.

Knowing the youth in our community, there hasn’t been an outlet for BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of colour), Queer, and disabled folks to share how they feel openly. People who were disabled and/or part of the Queer community were the most severely impacted during the pandemic and we want their voices to be amplified and supported. Spoken Diaries welcomes all voices of all different backgrounds because you matter. A 50$ giftcard honorarium will be given to participants. Please tell us any barriers to access so we can do our best to remove them.

This project is all inclusive and will seek to dismantle oppressive systems by ensuring that participants not only feel welcomed to this project but that this project is for them. With approval of the participants, your videos will be shared with local community partners, school boards, health services, and relevant civic organizations so that individual stories can impact larger policies. This project is supervised by two women of colour with immigrant backgrounds.

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Video Submission

What can you talk about? Whatever you feel like, since this project is for you.

Some prompts to get you thinking:

• Describe a day in your life during the pandemic.
• What problems do you see around you, and are they worsened for people of colour? How would you solve these problems?
• Youth in similar situations will be watching this video. Anything you want to say to the audience?
• Say something special in a language other than English. Can you translate it? Should it be translated?

Keep an eye out for video inspirations and other posts on our Facebook at Ubuntu – Mobilizing Central Alberta, Instagram @ubuntu_youth_council, and Twitter @ubuntu_yc.

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